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Sarah Jessica Parker's Twins Make Rare Red Carpet Appearance At 'Hocus Pocus 2' Premiere |

Bring us the children! Sarah Jessica Parker's teenage twin daughters made a rare appearance at the premiere of Hocus Pocus 2 on Tuesday. The girls accompanied their mom and father Matthew Broderick on the red carpet and even posed for a few photos. It's a special treat when Sarah brings her children into the public eye, as she and husband Matthew have mostly kept them out of the spotlight.

Honors College podcast brings students and alumni together in the era of social distancing

In a time where networking and social connection seems impossible for students, the Honors College has launched More Than a Major, a podcast series featuring stories from current and past Honors students and the community. The podcast aims to create a new space that can shine a light on individuals and projects as well as hold conversations that are important to the FIU community in a casual setting. The initiative was started by FIU Honors’ Coordinator of student programs Enrique Rosell, whose

During the pandemic, Honors College students are making a difference from home

While hundreds of South Florida nurses, doctors, and essential workers risk their lives to help on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, students who are at home and quarantined are wondering: What can I do from where I am? While FIU continues to aid the community in its manufacturing of protective face shields for health care workers, students have been inspired to join the movement while staying home. Isaac Ghobrial, an Honors College student and EdgeLab staff member, was able to take ho

Professor known for immersive, hands-on classes goes virtual and thrives

Professor John Bailly of the Honors College is known in the FIU community for creating immersive, one-of-a-kind courses that seldom meet in classrooms. Traditionally, his classes Miami in Miami, Art Society Conflict, and three study abroad programs are focused around on-site learning tours spread throughout Miami’s historical and cultural locations. Everthing changed when FIU moved to remote working and learning. “My classes rarely meet in a classroom,” Bailly says. “If we are studying the Eve

Summer And Fall Course Offerings: A Little Something For Everyone

Panthers with a love for film have some great options to choose from when picking their Summer and Fall 2020 classes this term. For those who are drawn to historical studies, FIU is offering a course on Early America in Fact, Film, and Fiction at the MMC campus this summer, which will compare historical texts to the way early American history is portrayed in film. The term will also offer an array of online options including Holocaust Cinema as well as both Intro To Film Studies and History of

The Third Annual Student Film Festival Applications + Info

Calling all filmmakers! This year’s Panther Film Festival will be taking place on April 15th at 7:30pm in GC 140. If you have a short film you’ve been working on, this is your opportunity to showcase it to fellow peers and even win prizes. Applications are open now until April 1st, with completed films due April 9th. You can find the applications here. Interested in participating but don’t know where to start? You still have time to create a short film for the festival. Check out this list of r

The Oscars Know They’re So White and Don’t Really Care

The Oscars nominations have been out for 2 weeks now and I am still upset. Almost everywhere you look, there is some kind of discussion going on around the lack of equality and diversity paired with calls to fix it. This year’s biggest award show in the film industry is no exception. The Oscars have come under fire for their lack of diversity on numerous occasions, and soon after the 2020 Nominations were released, the Academy Awards made headlines for all the wrong reasons once again. This yea

The Keeper: A Story of Romance and Reconciliation

The Miami Jewish Film Festival is known for the diversity of its offerings. Those of us interested in romance and uplifting stories got to enjoy the South Florida Premier of German director Marcus H Rosenmüller’s The Keeper, a passionate biopic about Bert Trautmann (played by David Kross, Steven Spielberg’s War Horse), a German prisoner of war turned Manchester City football star and a symbol for peace and reconciliation in the 1950’s. Fading in on a dim forest landscape, we find a uniformed
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